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Yoga Nidra - Space

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This Yoga Nidra focuses on the element of Space (akasha tattwa). Space is related to the sense of sound and the throat (vishuddi chakra). This Yoga Nidra cultivates expansion and spaciousness. It is 40 minutes long.

Yoga philosophy teaches that all creation takes place and is sustained by the five elements (tattwas): Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space. Each tattwas has its own nature and quality and its own subtle essence known as the Tanmatras:

* Sound for Akasha space element
* Touch for Vayu air element
* Form for Agni fire element
* Taste for Apas water element
* Smell for Prithvi earth element

Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) on the elements progressively leads you deeper into your consciousness. It uses sensory objects, feelings, symbols and scenes which correspond to the element. This creates an interplay of consciousness and energy which takes you deeper into the more subtle aspects of your being.

Swami Bhaktimurti Saraswati was initiated into Sannyasa in 1976 by Paramahansa Satyananda from Rikhia, India. She dedicated most of her life to learning, investigating and sharing esoteric teachings. Inspired by ancient teachings and requests from her students she made these Yoga Nidra recordings.

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